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University of California taking Safety on Campus Seriously
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University of California Staff make Safety a Priority

University of California Staff make Safety a Priority

Staff members at UCMerced are taking the lead and taking responsibility for Campus Safety.

According to their website, during an Emergency student employment coordinator Phyllis Enea would take responsibility as a building safety coordinator and in the process secure the second floor of their students service building.  The importance of this job is not wasted on Phyllis.

“My main concern is the safety of students and employees — making sure they are removed from places of danger,” she said. “I would report directly to first responders of all cleared areas or anyone still remaining in their office.”

The safety Coordinator programme was started in 2011 by Tamela Adkins emergency manager for Campus Police. The option to be part of the team is open to all staff members and staff are encouraged to join and take part in training.

Phyllis Enea has been on several of these training programs.

We were taken on a building tour to learn where the fire extinguishers were located and shown the safest places to bring people during a fire,” Enea said. “We were also instructed how to secure the office fire doors.”

So, UCMerced are taking Campus Safety more and more seriously which can only be a good thing for both staff and students.

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