GuardNet | Sectors
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An immediate and significant improvement in the delivery of Private, Corporate, Educational, Residential Community and Government security. An easily marketable product or delivered through existing contracts, with the potential for improving the security of millions of people worldwide whilst delivering substantial commercial advantage and considerable financial return.


Below we consider the potential for its use, yet everyday we are presented with further opportunity, unlimited in its scalability and undoubtedly a truly Global ‘game-changer’.


The enabling technology is GuardNet.

Private + Corporate Security Providers

Whatever sector the security provider is working within, GuardNets’ ability for a real-time geographically accurate locating and communication product will enable Security Providers to manage security situations more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Residential Gated Community

An extra layer of comfort and security within Residential Gated Communities is already proving very popular indeed. GuardNet gives people that peace of mind wherever they are within their community.


The requirement to provide protection to pupils, teachers and visitors is a pre-requisite and GuardNet will prove invaluable to Established Security Services.


The requirement for Security within the Diplomatic Core, MOJ, Ministerial protection is acknowledged and GuardNets powerful features will provide unparalleled assistance to existing Security Services.


With millions of staff working in potentially volatile and dangerous situations, GuardNet will prove invaluable for their security.


The potential for Lone workers to be in positions of personal danger are tangible and the provision of GuardNet would provide a practical and powerful tool for personal protection and assist in Employers “Duty of Care” responsibilities.

International Industry

The exploration and recovery of gas and oil, petrochemical industries, the mining of precious metals, gems and diamonds are often undertaken in hostile and volatile geographical areas. GuardNet will provide security services with the facility to best protect their Customers.

Transport + logistics

The protection of fixed facilities, public transport hubs and importantly Air Crew, Transport and Guarded Delivery staff would be significantly enhanced by the introduction of GuardNet.