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Oregon State University tightens Security
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Oregon State University tightens Security

Oregon State take measures to toughen Security

Oregon State University tightens Security

Security at Oregon State University is undergoing major changes after it announced that it is going to take a tougher stance on Campus Safety. OSU will change its Undergraduate transfer policy to ensure that Students who are unable to re-enroll in the College or University they left can not enroll at OSU.

Pamplin Media Group earlier wrote “University officials said the change is expected to boost efforts to address sexual violence and increase campus safety by requiring undergraduate and graduate students who want to transfer to OSU to disclose whether they are ineligible to re-enroll at an institution they attended in the past seven years due to student conduct reasons.” “The change comes after revelations in the past few years of sexual assaults on campus by student athletes and people associated with the athletes. The university and former football coach Mike Riley are being sued in federal court by a Hillsboro woman who said she was assaulted in 1999 in an off-campus apartment where OSU football players lived. The person who assaulted her, according to the lawsuit, was a cousin of an OSU athlete and was not enrolled at the university. The woman was a freshman at OSU and claimed university staff and officials failed to take action in her case, leaving her despondent.”

Oregon State University President Ed Ray said “We are committed to combatting sexual violence in society and to improving safety on the Oregon State University campus, this is an important step to strengthen the university’s admission policies for transfer students related to conduct that is not consistent with creating a safe and inclusive community at Oregon State.”

So, will this new policy be a purely positive thing for the University? Will it improve Campus Safety and security? It seems that the answer is yes. But should people deserve a fresh start if they have made a mistake?

Victoria Adams who is a freshman at OSU thinks that this action is a positive step “You want to know who your going to school with. You want to know what kind of risks students are at” she said. (Source kval.com)

So what do you think? Should previous offenders be kept out of OSU? Or should they be allowed a fresh chance? Should this policy be rolled out across other Universities in Oregon and beyond?

(Video Source kval.com)

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